Wake Forest Family Portrait Session
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Wake Forest Family Portrait Session

Wake Forest Family Portrait Session

Windy and cold.  

That's the two words that accurately describe the weather on this day.  We had already had to cancel once due to illness, so we didn't want another reschedule despite our meteorologist forgetting to mention that the cold temperatures would be accompanied by the strong winds.

The fall colors were in full effect on this Sunday afternoon and the location was great for the family as it was right in their neighborhood.  

With kids this young, I try and start the session with simple pictures of each of them, letting them view the image on my camera and getting them involved.  This helps me create a connection with them.   

Once that's over, I corral them with mom and dad and go ahead and tackle the family image before anyone loses interest.  We were on the local playground in some pretty deep shade for this shot, so flash was a necessity.  

Positioned just to the left of the family, the off camera lighting naturally lifts them out of the shadows, while maintaining a tremendous amount of detail.

These are the type of family images I cherish - real ones.  You've got one child grinning, one screaming and one blankly looking at the camera and mom and dad smiling.  

This is everyday life with kids.  Is it great if they all smile and look straight towards me?  Sure, I think that's what most people think of and what most photographers strive for.  

But it's equally beautiful when you can look at the image and can feel the honesty of the moment.

This is a great image of this family at this moment in time for this family.  And they loved it for it's perfectness!

Location: Wake Forest, NC.

1/250; f/4.0; ISO 80; 100.0 mm.

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