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Umstead Park Raleigh NC Family Photographer

Umstead Park Raleigh NC Family Photographer

When the leaves begin their annual color transformation in the fall and the woods look as if it were set on fire, it is a great opportunity to spend some time outside.  

Roger, Rebecca and Olive spent a couple hours with me in Umstead park on just such a day to create their family images.  Umstead is state park, partially in Raleigh and partially in Durham, located just off of Highway 70, not too far from the 540 bypass and minutes from the crabtree area of Raleigh.

This location is one I had come across on a trip to the park with my family.  There's a small creek to the left of these boulders and the view down the creek is clean and obstructed - perfect place to create a great family image!  

For this shot, I did something I generally don't do a lot of in family sessions - in addition to going vertical, I also went slightly wider to bring the foliage hanging on the trees above their heads and to give the image a little more context.  

While the family still stands out (thanks to my off camera flash which was positioned just slightly in front of them and just out of the frame), we get a sense of why they chose this time of year for their family images.  You get a sense of being there - the colors, the smells, the sounds of the brook gently running by.

I love that you can tell they are having a lot of un by the smiles on their faces, especially the little girl.  She was a tiny bit upset that dad was holding her, but with the cold water nearby, even though not deep, we all felt that was a wise decision.  

It was a perfect setting on a beautiful day for a gorgeous outdoor family session.

Location: 8801 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27617.

1/80; f/2.8; ISO 400; 95.0 mm.

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