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Top Zebulon Family Photography

I love this spot in Zebulon!

A tree lined alley with gorgeous fall colors and, if timed right, the sun setting directly behind the my subjects.

This was a early Sunday morning image, so no sun setting in the background, but gorgeous nonetheless.

About the Shot

If you've looked at enough of my work or thought about my business name, you realize I love to combine flash with natural light.

This family met mine during summer soon team as our girls were on the same swim team and in the same age group.

They specifically requested a wooded image in Zebulon for their yearly Christmas pics and I had a couple options to throw out at them.

Ultimately, we picked this one because it was super close to their house and I'm the only one who uses it, so it is truly unique to me.

The morning was crisp, yet a touch muggy, with dew falling the bright leaves on the trees.

I love the connection we created in the image between mom and her kids. We had a touch of trouble getting the little one to look, so dad stepped out of this one to help me grab his attention and it work like a charm.

Everything about this image is right. Outfits tie together with a Christmas theme. They work well with the fall colors. Everyone is touching, engaged and mom even posed herself correct, weight on back foot, kicking her hips out and throwing that shapely "S" curve in her body.

Matching Colors for the Season

This is one of the more challenging things I deal with is helping clients match up clothing choices for their session.

Certain colors almost always work regardless of the season - blacks, whites, tans and grey.

But what if you want some bolder colors in your photographs?

Well, start by considering the location. The beach is always a great example.

In beach images, you have the bright sand and reeds and the blueish sky tones. Tans and bolder colors work great here as would pastels. This is probably a situation where I wouldn't recommend black as the beach is sunny and fun and unfortunately black doesn't really suggest that.

If your background has a lot of greens, you want to go lighter, otherwise you'll blend into the darker background rather than standing out from it.

Fall is always the easiest as almost any color other than pastels really works. Everything ties in with the darker fall colors and life is just a touch easier.

If you are looking for a don't do, here you go - don't wear plaids of any sort!

Stick with solid colors or vertical stripes. Plaids and checkered shirts rarely tie in well with anything else. Even if the colors all tie, the plaid stands out.

Why vertical you ask? Vertical stripes make your body appear loner and taller, creating a slimming effect. Horizontals do the opposite, giving the appearance of being wider. Rarely does anyone want to look wider, so stick with vertical striped clothing.

If you are looking for a change from where everyone else goes, consider giving me a call or shooting me an email about setting up a session. I'll work to find you a great and infrequently use spot and we'll knock out those pictures!

Location: Zebulon, NC.

1/200; f/4.0; ISO 200; 170.0 mm.

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