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Why Order Prints through My Printers

Why You Should Order Your Prints From Me

To adequately discuss this, we first have to understand the importance of prints.

Why Print Your Pictures?

If you look back through history, you'll see records of the times past. Cavemen drew on walls to communicate among themselves and record a story. Pirates drew maps as a way of remembering where they hid their bounties of treasure.

As times changed, the mediums changed too. The Mona Lisa was a painting. Presidents had portraits made to hang in the White House (a tradition that carries on today). Through the centuries, we are able to reflect back on far faded memories to recall a battle, a person or a place.

At the turn of the 19th century, we see that people still recorded things, but once again the medium had changed. The camera become the recording device and prints were created.

Today, we still use these prints as evidence of a time past, a marker in history.

But, why print?

Today's print medium isn't actually a print at all.

It's a screen - an electrical device that shines light through a bunch of little diodes that glow a certain color and - BOOM! - a picture is formed.

Unfortunately, screens, computers, phones and TVs are manmade devices that can and will break eventually.

So people decided to come up with a way to store these important items. Jump drives, CDs, cloud storage and so on now hold some our most precious memories. Well, the first two are obsolete, so we can ignore them almost completely. Cloud storage is great assuming 2 things: (1) you actually back things up, which most don't, and (2) you have the password.

It doesn't do anyone any good if grandma backs up all the family photos up on the cloud and she's the only person with the password.

And, this is why we print. To have access to those valuable moments of time that can't be recreated.

Now, Why Print Through Me

I use two of the nation's most respected and awarded companies for all my printing. I choose them by ordering the same several shots from multiple printers and comparing the print quality, the color gradation and the image replication.

I chose the two that matched what I saw on my screen.

In fifteen years of photography, I have had a hand full of printed images get damaged in shipping. They were replaced without question.

Over that same time, I have had a hand full that just didn't quite match what I saw on my screen. They were reprinted to perfection, no questions asked.

You see, as a professional, I expect the companies I work with to have the same high standards of business I do - value your customer, treat them with respect and do every you can to make them happy.

When you order from another vendor, I cannot guarantee that they treat their customers the same.

If your print is damaged, will it be replaced? Sure, but probably not free of charge.

If it doesn't print correctly, will they be willing to reprint it? Sure, but not free of charge.

This is why it is important to order through your photographer. We start the process and we should end the process. We know what our images should look like and know if a print doesn't match our product.

You spent the money to have the images made, we spent the time taking and editing them, both of us expect a lasting, beautiful, quality product. Those products only come from the best and most knowledgeable printers in the world, 2 of which I print through.

But Photographers Charge Too Much

Some do, you'll get no argument from me there.

I choose to go a different route. I price my prints fairly, but with a realization that a working family can't afford astronomical prints prices. So, I just don't make as much.

You see, I want you to be able to afford your prints, but not the expense of having to let something else go. I also want you receive a quality product that will last. Normally, high quality equals high price.

However, in my case, I choose to give a high quality product without charging a premium price. You can call it nice or me being a bad business person, but what good does it do you to have these gorgeous pictures taken and not show them off? The answer is none.

So before you run to the corner printer who's running a special on a 16x20 canvas, take time to consider the quality you get at that price, both material and print.

Then take a look at what I charge. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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