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Crystal Coast, Morehead City, Swansboro and the surrounding area is a great place for your Senior Portraits

Whether you are completing the long process of your high school degree or knocking out that undergraduate or Masters degree from one of the universities in eastern North Carolina, the world renown Crystal Coast is a fantastic setting for your Senior Portraits! Regardless of what location you choose, you're bound to find a ton of sites that allow you to, well, be you! Here's some of top choices:

Your University

It goes without saying that any college senior session should start and focus on the the university you are graduating from. Be it UNC-W in Wilmington, ECU in Greenville or one the other colleges in the area, campus has been a part of your life for 4 years and there's no location you know better. College Senior Portraits are designed to be beautiful and fun with no boundaries! Whether we are using the sun or using flash, the images that come out of this session will be breathtaking, cherished memories of those best years of your life!

Your High School

If you are wrapping up your high school diploma, odds are you'll want to use your high school as the backdrop. If you played sports, getting images on the field will be a great addition to any other locations. Maybe you loved science and spent significant time in the lab. We can use that too. High school senior portraits tend to have a mix between the who you are at school and the who you outside of it. Often times, they involve 2 sets of images in completely different locations - a set on the school grounds and then a set off campus at a somewhere meaningful to you. There's no right or wrong, no set of rules. You choose where you want to do them and we get them done.

That Special Location

Everyone has that spot where they go to be alone and think or just hang out with friends. A lot of times it's that location where you spent significant time and want your senior images. It could be a bookstore where you sipped coffee and did homework. Or maybe a friend's house where you hung out in the backyard. Again, if it defines you, then it's a great location!

How about some other locations?

If none of those quite fit, take a look at some of the other areas that Morehead City and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Downtown areas always have a great feel to them and I am preferable to these areas in the late afternoon and evening. The signs and the architecture give a sense of location and environment.

There are tons of local parks that bring nature to table if you love being outdoors.

Local agricultural fields are always fan favs if you have access and can make for some great "off the beaten path" images that are sure to please and be truly fun and original!

And it goes without saying that if you are graduating from a school at the beach, you should at least consider the beach and piers an option! White sands with the waves crashing in the background make for beautiful portraits and lasting memories.

There's no right or wrong when it comes to choosing your location for senior images in the Morehead City, Swansboro and Jacksonville area and the choices are quite endless. Regardless of what location you choose, your images are sure to be outstanding and capture the very essence of who you are when you choose Blended Light Photography!

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