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About Brad

But Who is Brad?

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According to my daughter, I'm the second best photographer in the world. She's the first.

According to my parents and wife, I'm the best. But they might be a little biased.

So, the best way to learn who I am with a camera in my hand is to look to the words clients use to describe working with me, so take a second and read my reviews!

But life is about more than just being behind a camera.

I love being a husband to my wife of 19 years and a dad to 2 beautiful kids.

I am a 2-time ECU graduate, working in a field not even closely related to what I studied (Finance and Accounting).

I am an avid Tarheel basketball fan and love college sports in general. My favorite sport? Happens every 2 years - the Olympics.

I rarely wear more than basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Unless I have a date with my wife or daughter. They get special treatment. And truth be told, during the summer, I rarely wear a shirt that has sleeves.

Despite being a underwater photographer, I didn't swim growing up. I learned what I know during my kids summer league meets and it has translated over.

I did however play sports while growing up, hence my love of most things athletic. This also explains why anyone who coaches a team is called "coach", even if you didn't coach me.

Did I mention I am a bit of a clown?

So, what's your style?

Bright. Vivid. Powerful. Dramatic. Simply awesome!

I believe in simplicity and beauty.

That's why I hand edit each of my images myself. There's no magic preset that fits every image and every person. We're all different, so our images should be all different.

I don't strive to have your gallery consistently edited - I strive to have it be beautiful. Each picture will have its own editing and feel. If I presented you with a gallery of 30 images and they all looked the same, they might be beautiful, but they'd be boring. Each one should stand on its own as a representation of the session.

I also don't think it should take weeks to get your images back. Short of a catastrophe or a vacation, I start working on your images within 24 hours and normally deliver them in under a week.

I am blessed to love what I do and do what I love. It is a passion for me to make session different and unique, just like each of my clients, and create the best images I can.

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