Greenville photograph Senior in front of sorority house

Greenville photograph Senior in front of sorority house

Whether you are a high school or college senior, there are certain locations that mean something special to you.  

If you played sports, you probably feel connected to the field or the court.  If you spent your weekends at the football field tailgating and watching games, you have fond memories and a connection.  For senior shoots, I always suggest using locations that have that connection to your heart.  

This Masters degree student did not have the chance to do a senior session when she finished her undergraduate degree the year before, so she joined a couple close friends on their shoot and did it as a grad student.  

She was such a joy to work with, bringing a beautiful smile and contagious energy to her images.  

We worked through all the locations for her friends and she asked for only one shot - her in front of her sorority house, because she had a connection with it.  

We swung by there and grabbed this shot on the way to the last location.  Simply using the front steps, she made a couple playful and awesome poses and we were done.

People often ask what I mean by being herself or "letting loose".  This pose was actually all her.  She was comfortable with the camera after working together and so all I did was tell her to have some fun.  She blew kisses, acted tough and then did this pose.  All of them looked natural, but this one stood out and fit her personality the most.

I used natural light for this image since it was already so soft and striking.  

Location: 10th Street, Greenville, North Carolina.

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