Greenville Delta Zeta Sisters Senior session at ECU

Greenville Delta Zeta Sisters Senior session at ECU

Inevitably, a senior session with sorority seniors will lead to some shots at the sorority house.  Only makes good sense given you've spent a lot of time there over the last 4 years, studying, building relationships, meeting, events and so on.  It is a cornerstone for a lot of college seniors and is somewhere you should do some senior pictures.  

Every greek house is a little different, so figuring out how to best capture it is the challenge.  

Dressed in their purple graduation caps and gowns, we had already done individuals, so they wanted a couple that included both of them.  It was important to them to have the door in the background, so I brought them out a little ways from the door, but still kept it in the picture.  

I tried the shot without flash, but it was missing a little something, so I did added the flash back in.  

By adding flash, the deep dark purples became  much brighter and vibrant purples.  The light also provided some separation from the house, allowing to fall a little darker, which draws attention to the true subject of the image - the young ladies.  

Great session with these two, fueled with laughs and wonderful memories.

Location: Delta Zeta House, Greenville, North Carolina.

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