Fun Raleigh Photographer UNC senior daughter session

Fun Raleigh Photographer UNC senior daughter session

Every senior has different aspects in their lives that influence their choices.  

This graduating Masters business student not only worked throughout her graduate education, but she had a family to manage too.  

I was very fortunate that not only did she bring her adorable daughter to her senior session, she brought her mother in law as well.  

Anytime I have the chance to give a client some bonus pictures with family in them during their senior pictures, I jump at the chance!  We had done some individual images of my senior and some of her daughter, so I thought the time was right to combine the two and create something memorable.  

Placing them in the beautiful dark green grass, I positioned a single off camera flash to their light and back a little ways to spread and soften the light.  

I normally bring a modifier to use for softening the light, but in my haste to get packed, forgot it (or so I thought I did - it was actually in the front pocket of my bag!).  

By pulling the light further back and creating spread, we got nice even coverage across both individuals and created a timeless graduation picture for mom and daughter!

Location: UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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