ECU senior by Raleigh senior photographer

ECU senior by Raleigh senior photographer

During your college career, it's highly likely that there are two or three locations that you spend a lot of time doing work in.  

One of those locations is probably the building that houses your major, where you spend the bulk of your week learning about the subject you've chosen to study.  For many majors, the library will be the other.  

For East Carolina students, Joyner Library is the home to all the periodicals and research materials you could need as well as several study areas.  The outside of the library features a very nice water wall and clock on one end, while the other end features talk columns and chimes each time a student walks under it.  

The white steps leading up to this entrance make a great and casual location for seniors to do some session images.  It's a beautiful location to have my seniors either sit or stand for a portrait.  

Using off camera flash to her left, I was able to light her completely and really separate her from the darker treed and shaded background, while balancing the flash with the beauty of the natural light falling on the steps.

In one of my other image descriptions, I discuss posing and what to do with the legs when sitting.  This is an excellent example of pulling them back behind my senior.  With the way I framed this shot, if I had stretched her legs out more forward, they would have looked awkward in such a tight image.

A simple yet beautiful way to give my seniors a great classic portrait!

Location: East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

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