ECU Raleigh Photographer Joyner Library Senior Portrait

ECU Raleigh Photographer Joyner Library Senior Portrait

As a student, I more than once walked these steps to the Joyner Library entrance on East Carolina University's main campus.  

The weathered stone steps have been there for years and the entrance is unmistakeable from the "Mall".  Everyone knows where the library is and the chimes that ring each time a student crosses up the steps and through the columns can be heard by anyone in the immediate area.  

This image is a great example of using an area that is clean and uncluttered to make a beautiful senior picture.  

Sitting on the top step of the library and dressed in her graduation robe with her cap,  I used a single flash to my left to light her against the under exposed background.  The flash, in addition to being the main light source in this image, also allows the purple and golds to really pop, providing a gorgeous burst of color in contrast to the darker reds and grays of the environment.  

And, by using, a small apertured lens, I was able to completely isolate my senior from the background, putting the focus of the image completely on her.

There's two schools of thoughts on the posing for ladies sitting.  The first is legs straight out with one slightly straighter than the other, as in this image.  I could have easily also had her pull her legs, but bring her lower legs back towards her, in a V-like formation.  Either way is acceptable, so it's a matter of choice and comfort.

Exactly where it should be in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments!

Location: Est Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina.

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