Chapel Hill Senior Photography

Chapel Hill Senior Photography

The Old Well is a landmark on UNC's campus that any student can direct you to.  It's symbolism as a piece in the campus's great history is as strong today as it was decades ago.  

It is legend that drinking from the Well on the first day of classes as a freshman will bring you good grades throughout your time in Chapel Hill.  In fact, it is such a held belief that students begin lining up well before midnight to ensure they get the chance to drink from the Well's fountain before their classes start.  

The Well is surrounded by beautiful and colorful plants and a huge oak on one side that covers it in shade.  It is truly a centerpiece on campus and one of UNC's most famous and recognized landmarks.  

This senior had only been on campus a couple times while completing her Global MBA.  So when the time came for her senior pictures, she wanted to make sure that we hit all the "biggies" on campus.  

For this shot, I had her lean up against one of the columns supporting the well roof.  As the late day sun was blocked by the large trees on campus, she was completely covered in shade.  

I placed a off camera flash slightly off center, but directly facing her, to provide the soft the light that dug her out of the shadows.  

I walked a good ways back for this shot to allow for use of my 70-200 at 200 and close to wide open.  

By putting distance between us, I was able to capture a full length portrait and bring in the environment of the well.

I love the feel confidence you get from her pose.  The bent from leg, arms crossed against her chest, and her huge smile all portray it.  

Location: UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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