Williamsburg virginia family session photography

Williamsburg virginia family session photography

There are situations when out shooting that really challenge photographers and push us and our gear to the limits.  

This image was made just outside the Historic area of Williamsburg.  The challenge here was the background - all that white is actually water, part of the Chesapeake Bay.  

The request from mom was to have the tree in the picture.  At this time of day, the challenge was the sun's location, which was almost directly behind them, creating a glare across the entire water area.  

My first thought was to use a polarizer and reduce the glare, but polarizers are most effective at 90 degrees to the sun, so that wouldn't work.  

Option 2 was to use a filter that blocked light from reaching the camera's sensor.  This would have been effective in most situations but this one.  To block the light, I would have had the water exposed, but the tree would be completely black.  

So I went with option three - let the water go.  

By letting the water go white, I retained the details in the tree and branches mom had asked for.  I used off camera flash to lift them out of the shadows and give a good exposure, even on their Lab, who was laying on the ground.

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia.

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