Raleigh photographer Family at train depot portrait

Raleigh photographer Family at train depot portrait

This was image was made early in my photography career, but is still one of my favorite images.  

We had ventured into a downtown section of Rocky Mount on a pretty cloudy and warm day.  

After a few stops at other locations, we walked over to this train depot and wondered around a little.  I liked this view because it has a relatively clean background - just a single building off in the distance with a little sky above it.  

With mom and dad already at ease, their posing was pretty simple.  So, we had to get their son into the picture.  We did a couple of him standing and smiling, but for this one, he decided to add a little flair to picture by sticking out his tongue.  

There aren't many of my images you can tell are flashed, but this one is pretty obvious.  

The flash is to their left, probably 15 feet away.  Sometimes flash is required and sometimes not.  This one was a requirement.  With no flash, the family could have been exposed for, but the background would have been completely lost, which I didn't want.  

So I exposed for the background and let flash do what it does best - fill in the shadows!

Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

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