greenville photo Grandson throwing leaves at granddad

greenville photo Grandson throwing leaves at granddad

If you work with kids long enough, you learn they have a mind of their own.  And when you let that mind do it's thing, it can become priceless.  Of course, it can also reek havoc on the session, but in this case, it didn't.  

Having a little bad influence can help too, but we'll leave that for individual families to debate.  

We were several shots into this family session at the family's property and were getting ready to do one last family picture.  I was discussing the pros and cons of a couple locations with the decision makers (that would be the ladies involved) when we heard the sounds laughter behind us.  

We turned around to find that granddad and grandson had decided now would be a great time to have a leaf fight.  

With candid moments like this, you sometimes forget to watch your settings, which happened with this shot, but did not wreck it.  My shutter speed was a little slow, so there's a touch of motion blur in the little boy's elbow.  But it still turned into a great shot.  

For reference, after a few minutes of leaves flying, the ladies stepped in and shut down the game before anyone ended up dirtier than necessary.  

Location: Greenville, North Carolina.

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