Family Portrait at Wake Forest Seminary in the fall

Family Portrait at Wake Forest Seminary in the fall

Late afternoons in the fall are one of my favorite times of the year.  There's the smell of the leaves and fires burning, coupled with the cool, crisp temps that offset the blazing feel of a southern summer.

I met this family at the Seminary in Wake Forest on one such afternoon.  The campus is filled with large mature trees surrounded open expanses of grassy areas.  When the sun starts to set, the campus quickly falls into shadow.

We had done a few images in other areas when I decided to create this family portrait.

This entire area is one of those in deep shadow in the later afternoon, so natural light doesn't allow for the best image possible.

My first concern was lighting the family against the darker background.  I positioned a single off camera flash slightly to my left with a large octabox to give a sufficient spread of soft light for illuminating the family.

After a couple shots though, I realized that while the main light was exposing their faces perfectly, the shadows on the sides were blending into the dark, treed background.  I need to give them a little separation.

Taking my second light stand, I placed another off camera flash behind them, about waist high and pointed directly at their backs.  This flash provided the rim light on their edges and gave them the separation I was looking for.

I love that the family is standing together naturally and tightly, giving a real sense of love and togetherness.  Simple acts of just touching one another often transfers this kind of feeling and it's abundant here.

Location: Wake Forest, NC.

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