Atlantic Beach Large family portrait

Atlantic Beach Large family portrait

Bringing together 4 generations in one family photo can be trying.  No sun and rough conditions at the beach can make it worse.  But for this image, it all worked together.  

Built to protect North Carolina's coast from pirate attacks and  other potential offshore attacks, the coastal vegetation surrounding Fort Macon State Park not only protects the fort, but, on this day, that same growth was able to provide shelter from the wind.  

With 1st and 2nd generation in the middle, surrounded by 3rd generation on the backside and the newest members on the front, we brought together the group for an outstanding family image.  

The subtleties in this picture are what makes it natural and beautiful- hands on shoulders and wide smiles show love, while a bit of bashfulness and, yes, a toddler playing with his tie, captured a moment that would often go undocumented because it wasn't perfect.  

Family images are rarely perfect in nature and that's what actually makes them perfect.  The members being themselves at a great time in their individual and extended lives, all brought together for one short moment.  

Family images are some of the most important sessions I work on, because time is fleeting with each passing second and minute.

Location: Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

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