Atlantic Beach Family Portrait session photograph

Atlantic Beach Family Portrait session photograph

The green grass covering the thick stone outer walls of Fort Macon, located at the northern end of Atlantic Beach, made for a wonderful location in this family shot of my client's grandkids.  

For a brief moment, the sun peaked through the thick, overcast skies and provided a great side light.  

With color abounding from the kid's outfits, it provided a wonderful beachy feel, contrasted nicely against the sunlit grass and the dark blue and gray stormy skies.  

As with most images including kids, it took several tries to get one with all the kids looking, and even then, there was some Photoshop work that had to be done to perfect the image.  

Doing photography with kids is almost always a challenge that requires time and patience.  Fortunately, we planned this for early in the morning so we could rule out hunger and the always important nap time.  

Needless, to say, grandma and the parents were thrilled with the final image, wishing only that it could have been done directly on the beach.  

Unfortunately, while I can control and influence a lot of things, I can't control the Mother Nature, despite my best efforts.  

On the other hand, after watching "Finding Nemo" 100 times, I do feel that I am fluent in speaking whale, as if that will ever benefit anyone!

Location: 2303 E Fort Macon Rd, Atlantic Beach, NC 28512.

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