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Historic Oak Grove Park Raleigh NC Family Engagement
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Atlantic Beach Family Portrait session photograph
Family Portrait at Wake Forest Seminary in the fall
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Raleigh fall photography child portrait in umstead park
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Raleigh Family Photography

Welcome to my Family Gallery!  I am Brad Ipock, owner/photographer for Blended Light Photography.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out my services.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule your session - contact me here!

Why Family Photography is Important

With camera phones, family photography has almost fallen by the wayside. Instead, mom or dad or kids take a family image on their forever to viewed nowhere else but that phone.  

I have a couple of issues with this.  First, you’re missing a family member–the one taking the picture.  Second, what happens to that image when you drop your phone in the pool, and the phone dies?  It’s likely gone.  Therefore, it’s essential not only to be certain to arrange for professional family images done but to print some of those photos–the prints become a treasured keepsake for you, your family, and your future family members.

Make it Fun!

If I wanted you to stand there like a statue and grin, I’d ask you to just that.  But I don’t.  In fact, more than anything, I want you to interact naturally.  I keep posing simple and let you fill in the blanks.  This approach creates a situation where personalities come out, and that’s what makes your family images great!  One of the best family sessions I ever had was a mom and dad and their two daughters.  The older daughter was little quiet and reserved, kind of the picture-perfect kid.  Their other child let her personality come out, referring to me as “Picture Man” for the whole sessions, even posing herself for individual portraits.  While the two personalities conflicted, they came out in the pictures - and the family walked away with a gorgeous set of images!

What to Wear?

Dress for the weather and dress for comfort. Ensure dress nice and please don’t dress alike!  I suggest wearing colors complementing each other and the location.  Wearing a beach shirt in the fall will not be the best idea, but if that’s what you wear, so be it.  I suggest if the day is windy that ladies pull their hair back to keep it out of their face and at least a little under control.

Where to Go?

I cover some of my top locations in the area in my article found here.  I encourage all my families to pick somewhere that holds importance to your family or anywhere you haven’t been before.  There is a lot of well-known and well-used locations in the area that stand out because the photographer wants to go there, so go somewhere different.  The “hot spot” this year just means you’re likely to have the same background as your neighbor or office mate.  Try that lesser-known location or that unique location, like your backyard if you have a nice one.

When is the Best Time?

There are two ways for this question to be defined.  First would be the time of the year.  Because of the moderate climate, we have here in North Carolina, almost any time of the year works.  If you are allergic to pollen, skip the spring.  Hate the heat or cold?  You know where I’m going with that one.  The second way to define it would be the time of day.  There are a couple ways to solve this depending on your location.  Almost all sites are best early in the morning or late in the afternoon as the daylight is softer and warmer.  However, your venue needs to work with that too.  For example, you wouldn’t want to do a session where you are looking straight into the sun because to turn around would have three houses, two rickety barns, and a fence in the background.  Here are some tips for choosing your location:

1.    Watch the sun–I will not let you stand, face the sun, and squint.
2.    Watch the background–Fences cars are impossible to remove in post, find a clean backdrop.  Keep an eye on trash cans and roadways too.
3.    Make it fun or natural–Location should have meaning or at least bring smiles and laughs
4.    Picture yourself there–Can you visualize your family picture there?  Does it seem like what you want?
5.    Imagine it on your wall–Does it fit well with your décor and hanging on your wall?

Final Family Photography Thoughts

Simply said, any time is a great time for updating or starting your family pictures.  Even when the situation isn’t right (someone broke their arm, it’s colder than expected, it’s raining, so on), you’re still with your family, and that’s what matters.  Moments are transitory, and they can’t be recaptured or recreated.  Don’t delay them!

Thank you again for taking time to view my gallery.  I would love to work with all my family clients and can’t wait to speak with you about your family session!

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